Bottling Day


It has now been two weeks since I started the brewing process. The beer had been in the primary fermentation vessel for a week before I transferred it to a secondary for a further week. Someone I work with suggested this as it would lead to a clearer beer at the end, owing to the yeast settling to the bottom of the primary, and less ending up in the bottle. Furthermore, the sediment at the bottom contains dead yeast, which can lead to a yeasty taste if the beer sits on that too long!

Being the first time I have been through the bottling process, it is fair to say it was not a smooth or elegant process. My wife certainly put in a shift, and between us we managed to fill and cap 40 bottles. I must say, I was expecting a little more wastage, so I am pretty happy with the yield. Now for the two week wait while the beer conditions in the bottle. I did have a sneaky taste, and I must say it tasted ok, considering it is my first brew, and was a pretty low-end beer kit.



Next stop, tasting – in about two weeks time.

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