MYO Stout kit box

Christmas Stout

Kit: MYO Irish Stout

Original Gravity: 1062
Final Gravity: 1013
ABV: 6.6%*
Dry-hopped for 5 days

First time using heat pad and inkbird.

Fermenting stout
Fermenting Stout

Bottled: 07/11/2020
Batch primed with 100g of table sugar, aiming for 2.0 valumes of CO2.
Mixture of 330ml and 500ml glass bottles, and 500ml PET bottles.

Rather than the 1kg of dextrose called for, I used 500g medium dry malt extract (DME) for both increased body and reduced ABV.
*The original gravity reading is likely incorrect, as the expected ABV was 5.2%, however I used less sugar than called for so I was expecting a lower original gravity.


Possibly a little thin, but combined with the lower ABV, makes this rather drinkable.
Next time I may consider steeping some oats and adding this in to increase the mouthfeel.

Stout in bottles
Bottled stout