Craft Beer – my thoughts

Having visited three of the 24 pups on the ale trail, I have already found myself needing to refer to my opinion (and it is only that – my opnion) on craft beer twice. Rather than repeat myself over and over, I thought I’d document my thoughts on Craft Beer here, and simply link to it whenever necessary.

To begin with, I would just like to clarify that I am not a Snob. It’s important you understand that. Furthermore, I would like to declare that I like a nice cold pint of Lager from time-to-time (hopefully CAMRA won’t recind my membership for that admission). Also, just to add context, I spent two years living in the US, where the Craft Beer scene has really got going.

When living in the US (more specifically, Texas), there really was no Real Ale – not even in the “English Pubs”. Occasionally one may have found a bottled ale, but not often. As such, one had to revert to either lager or craft beer. I quite enjoyed the craft beer for a while, but began to get bored of how over-hopped the majority of them were. What’s more, it was more expensive than other drinks.

In the two years I was in America, the craft beer movement seemed to gather pace in the UK. This also seemed to coincide with the popularity of bushy beards and fancy moustaches – I can’t help but wonder if the two were linked. In my mind, they are, and probably fall into the same category alongside avocado on toast. Now, I in no way consider myself to be a hipster – I don’t even like avocado. I just have a feeling that craft beer is marketed towards those who may be cosidered a little more “hip” than I.

I’d rather not waffle on about it, so I’ll get straight to the point: I generally feel that Craft Beer itself is often either unecessarily strong, overhopped, or a combination of the two. In addition, sticking the word “Craft” on the front entitles it to be sold for £1 more than I am comfortable paying for it.

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