Don’t settle for inadequate tea at work

Back in July 2017, I took a huge career change. Having worked as a Science Teacher both in the UK and US for 7 years, I applied for I job with a small but far-reaching software development company in Surrey. One of the biggest benefits, trivial though it sounds, is I can now make a cup of tea whenever I like, rather than at a predetermined interval dictated by the timings of the school day. What’s more, I can also go to the toilet after drinking my tea. As I am sure any teacher would testify, this is a luxury, and as such I shall never take this for granted.

Whilst I still appreciate being able to make a brew whenever I like, the novelty of it is not quite what it was at the start. This made me begin to realise that, although I could have it whenever I liked, it was really poor quality. I thought back, and it dawned on me – I had not had a good cuppa at work in the six months I had been there. I immediately opened the cupboard to investigate the source of the tea bags. Then I got my answer. Tetley One Cup. In other words, like a normal tea bag, but weak. Whilst I don’t wish to appear ungrateful to my employers for providing free tea (and milk), I couldn’t help but feel I could do better.

So, to the charity shops I went. I searched and searched, and couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a teapot. Eventually I managed to find one of the perfect size to give two decent cups. I knew this, as it was the same make as I have at home, though this one was purple. A bargain at £1.50, I was most pleased.

I had to go online for the tea strainer, as not only did I not find one second hand, there was something I didn’t like about the thought of buying a used tea strainer. My attention then turned to a tray to carry it all alongside my morning porridge. I could not resist the red canteen-style tray at £1.99 on Amazon. Whilst in no way pretty, it is certainly practical.

The final piece of the jigsaw was the milk jug, which took a few weeks to obtain, but the persistence paid dividends. Having treated colleagues to tea at my desk, I now believe I am equipped to make the best brew in the office!

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