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I’ve enjoyed beer for a number of years. I have been a member of CAMRA for six. Despite this, I have never attempted t make beer at home… until now.


A few years ago, I did look into the idea of brewing beer at home. In doing my research, I  became fearful of the ease with which a brew could be ruined by inadequate sterilization. Recently, after a visit to Rebellion brewery, my wife suggested I try home brewing. Of course, she now regrets that, as I have gone all out (well, nearly).

2 fermentation vessels, 48 bottles, and much more equipment now takes up much of the utility room. After browsing the may forums related to the subject, my initial fears of infected brews have been alleviated. My first batch is in the fermenter at the moment, and bottling should begin in a couple of days. Check back for updates. 


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