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Making the transition to loose leaf tea

Having been drinking tea since 1994, I once considered myself a hardcore tea addict. After all, I generally have somewhere between four and ten cups per day. I also have friends who drink a similar quantity. Once such friend has always frowned upon my use of teabags. I didn’t take him seriously for a long time, since he has a beard. I now know that, despite his unkempt facial hair, he was right to be so scathing of the humble teabag.

After a conversation with a former colleague over lunch, who’s uncle blends his own tea, I was inspired to look into home-blending. It was at this point that I realised there was a lot more to tea than shoving a sterile-looking bag into a mug with some hot water.

To help me understand how to make the most of the possibilities opened up by blending tea at home, I am booked on a course in December. Here I hope to learn about the art of tea blending, and how the familiar cup of tea can tailored to personal taste.

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