Tasting the first home brew

About four weeks have passed since bottling day, and the secondary fermentation has long finished. The beers have had a couple of weeks to condition in the bottle now, and although they could do with a bit longer,  could not help but try it out.

Upon opening, there was a slight and satisfying hiss, showing that there was at least going to be a slight fizz to the beer. Pouring gently so as not to disturb the sediment was easier than expected, and I left the last 25ml or so in the bottle. There was minimal head and only a slight carbonation. This was due to the use of minimal priming sugar prior to bottling (85g to 125g seems to be the consensus, and I went for the lower end of this range).

It certainly smelt like beer, which was great! Being my first brew and a fairly low-end bitter kit, I was not expecting much, but it did slightly exceed my expectation. It is perfectly drinkable, and I must admit, I had a few of them on Friday. At a guesstimate, I would imagine it to be about 4.5-4.8% ABV. For some reason, I chose not to take an initial gravity reading, and therefore I am unable to calculate the actual ABV.

All in all, perfectly drinkable, but I probably wouldn’t serve it to guests, except to satisfy their curiosity!