The Christmas Brew

Having tasted my first home brew and thought it was slightly better than expected, I felt that, for my Christmas brew, I should try something a little more special. Whilst in my local home brew shop (very knowledgeable owner), I saw two Courage kits. One of them was a best bitter (generally what I go for in a pub), and the other was Directors, with its distinctive purple branding. It was a tough choice – go for the one I would order in a pub, or the one that I have a little more history with?

In the end, history prevailed, and I went for the Directors. This kit was over twice the price of my first brew, but after all, it is for Christmas, and besides, I fancied something that is quite a bit more than “drinkable”.

The Christmas brew in the fermenter

It is currently bubbling way quite nicely in the fermenter. I must say, to begin with it was so vigorous that the water from the airlock went all over the top of the fermentation vessel. Even as I write this, I hear the periodic glugging of the airlock. There is also quite a thick layer of sediment forming on the bottom of the vessel (look closely at the bottom of the vessel in the pitcure – it is the light colour at the bottom on the left). I shall rack the beer into a second vessel, let it settle, then bottle half and keg the other half. Yes, I am a little excited about this brew!

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